Without speech

You can apply for a National Concession bus pass if you are without speech:

  • Included within this category are people who are unable to communicate orally in any language. Those people will be:
    • unable to make clear basic oral requests e.g. to ask for a particular destination or fare;
    • unable to ask specific questions to clarify instructions e.g. 'Does this bus go to the High Street?'
  • This category would not, in the Department's opinion, cover people who are able to communicate orally but whose speech may be slow or difficult to understand, for example because of a severe stammer.
  • In considering an application on these grounds the local authority may accept receipt of PIP, with a score of at least eight points for the "Communicating verbally’’ activity, as providing an automatic entitlement to the Concession. Further detail on passporting eligibility from PIP, including details of the descriptors indicating an award of eight points or more, is provided at Annex A. Alternatively, where PIP has not been applied for, or where insufficient points have been awarded, authorities may reasonably require medical evidence to support the application. 

Based on the guidance are you without speech?

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